Notes from a Commentary on Khutbah Al-Hajah – Part 1

Talk by: Shaykh Dr. Muḥammad b. Hādī b. ʿAlī Al-Madkhalī
Date: 25 Rabīʿ Al-Awwal, 1435
Location: Masjid Badr Al-ʿUtaybī, Al-Madīnah
Notes by: Abū ʿAbdillāh Owais Al-Hāshimī
Link to Audio (Arabic):

This great sermon contains great meanings, so tonight, the lesson is about this [sermon]. We will ponder it. How often speakers repeat it, but how rarely do we see it being implemented by them!

“Verily the best speech is the Book of Allāh…”

  1. This proves a very important aspect of belief and creed: Allāh’s attribute of kalām. “Ḥadīth” is like kalām (both refer to the speech of Allāh). In this part of the sermon, the Prophet explained that the Qurān is the speech of Allāh, most Sublime and High. It is not as the Jahmīyah sect – in all its iterations – claimed. The first Jahmīyah are the followers of Jahm. The Muʿtazilah are their children, and the Ashʿarīs and the Māturīdīs are their grandchildren. All of them are misguided with respect to the issue of kalām. [00:06:20]
  2. The Qurān tells us “Allāh sent down the best ḥadīth”. This is the Qurān. This proves that it was sent down, not created. Thus, the Qurān is the speech of Allāh which Allāh really spoke, which Jibrīl heard from Him, and thereafter brought down to our Prophet Muḥammad – Allāh’s peace and blessings be upon him.
  3. This is what the people upon guidance and truth believe about the kalām of Allāh. Whoever claims that the kalām of Allāh is created is a kāfir (disbeliever), because he has disbelieved tens of proofs in the Book of Allāh and Sunnah of His Messenger – Allāh’s peace and blessings be upon him, one of which is this evidence (in the khuṭbah) [00:08:20]
  4. Anyone who says something else about the kalām of Allāh is labelled a Jahmī by the Salaf.
  5. Everyone is required to accept and believe this creed about the Qurān. We must believe that it is “the speech of Allāh and His revelation, sent down by Him, not created. From Him it came and to Him it will return.” [00:10:48]
  6. “From Him it came” means it came from Him when He spoke it, and “to Him it will return” refers to the last days, shortly before the Final Hour. The Qurān will be lifted, deleted from all people’s hearts and from their writings, none of it will remain on Earth. After that, only the worst of people will remain on Earth, and it is upon them that the Final Hour will fall. Allāh will have already taken the souls of the believers.

This is the first matter included in this magnificent khuṭbah [00:11:33]