Sautt – The Simple Audio Transcription Tool

The newest version is available at

Feel free to try out the Simple Audio Transcription Tool (Sautt) I’m developing.  The app helps to ease the work of transcribing audio right from your browser.

Screenshot of The Simple Audio Transcription Tool (Sautt)

Listening and Typing in Sautt


  • Play any audio files on your computer that your browser supports
  • Transcribe the content quickly
  • Control playback using keys while you type
  • Work at your own pace, resume later by simply opening the same audio file again
  • Keep track of where you are, time-stamps are inserted in place at the hit of a key

How to Use Sautt

It’s really easy and quick once you try it.

  • open an audio file in the custom player
  • use four keys to control playback as you type in the editor:
    • F1 – rewind 10 seconds
    • F2 – Play / Pause
    • F3 – forward 10 seconds
    • F4 – insert timestamp and save locally
    • Alt+S (Windows) and Command+S (Mac) also save your work locally.


Sautt is a work-in-progress, but should work fine in the latest browsers (e.g. Chrome,  Firefox,  Safari). MP3 and OGG files should be okay in these browsers. It is not practical for mobile use.  The technical details are: your browser must support the HTML5 <audio> element, and HTML5’s Local Storage feature. Newer versions of popular browsers support these.

Your text is linked to the name of your audio file. It will be loaded when you open that file. The transcription is saved only in your browser. If you clear your browser cache, your local transcription will also be deleted. This will not affect the audio file on your computer.

As of now, you need to copy and paste your text into a file to save it elsewhere. Downloading and exporting are planned for future versions.

Sautt is provided as-is, with no guarantees  or promises of support. I hope you find it useful.

See how Sautt can help you transcribe. Give it a go.