Al-Fawzan on Worrying about Future Provision and Means of Living

Noble Shaykh, may Allāh give you success, the questioner says: I take care of my five daily prayers, doing them on time, and I regularly recite the Qurān and fast the supererogatory fasts, and all praise is for Allāh. But sometimes I am afflicted with fear about the future as it pertains to provision and means of living, for me and for my children, especially in recent times. This has caused me worry, sadness and confusion. What is your guidance for me regarding these things?


The Shaykh responded:

This is from Shayṭān, you must seek refuge with Allāh from this, if you feel this, you seek refuge with Allāh from this, and have a good opinion of Allāh, and rely on Him (by entrusting your affairs to Him). Allāh will make things easy as He wills.

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