Al-Fawzan on Knowing If Your Deeds Have Been Accepted

Noble Shaykh, what are the signs that a deed has been accepted [by Allāh]? And can a person sense this acceptance, can he sense that his action has been accepted? 

A person does not know if his deed has been accepted, [knowledge of this] is with Allāh [alone]. That is why the Salaf used to have the utmost fear that their actions might not be accepted.

Those who give what they give with their hearts full of fear [whether their works have been accepted or not], for they are surely returning to their Lord [for reckoning].

Meaning of Qurʾān 23:60

Thus, they would do great righteous deeds, [at the same time] fearing that they would not be accepted. But a Muslim must do good works, act in obedience [to Allāh] and have a good opinion about Allāh ʿazza wa jall (hoping in His reward). As for knowing that [deeds] have been accepted, none but Allāh knows this. Thus, some of the Companions have said, “If I knew that Allāh had accepted a mustard seed’s [of my deeds], I would wish to die.” Because if Allāh accepts from a person, it means he has succeeded. Allāh taʿālā said:

Verily, Allāh accepts only from the muttaqīn (those who fear and obey Him).

Meaning of Qurʾān 5:27

Therefore, one of the causes of deeds being accepted is taqwā. You must practice taqwā of Allāh – ṣubḥānahu wa taʿālā – by doing what He has commanded, leaving what He has forbidden, hastening to obey Him and staying away from disobedience of Him. This is one of the causes for [your deeds] to be accepted.  

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